Medici Style carry out reupholstery and interior refurbishment for cars and caravans.

The materials we use are: leather, faux leather, microfibre and fabric, and come in a variety of colours.

We carry out quality control checks on the leather before passing it on to our cutting staff for processing. Cutting is done either by automatic machines operated by trained staff, or by hand, which allows precision cutting and eliminates any imperfections.

The reupholstery and re-covering work is carried out using high-tech machinery in our production department, to produce distinctive quality interiors delivered safely and economically to meet customer requirements.

We only use automotive-grade leather that’s resistant to sunlight and abrasion, for quality, hard-wearing interiors.

The quality of our materials is the first thing you’ll notice about a Medici interior; we use top quality leather that meets stringent car manufacturer specifications.

We’re also highly attentive to safety concerns; for re-covering airbag sections we use a well-researched stitching method to guide every single needle point and thread tension. The process we use involves insertion of an automotive-grade fabric sac for correct positioning of the airbag in case of deployment.

We also have an exclusive brand of faux leather which unlike other commercially-available types contains a high percentage of natural leather and has high elasticity properties similar to real leather, which makes it especially suitable for use in upholstery; it is also extremely soft to the touch and looks like natural leather. Using automotive-grade materials guarantees they are durable, making them the ideal choice for linings and interiors, and they’re also excellent value for money.
The beauty of these interiors lies not only in the quality of the materials and the expert workmanship that goes into them, it’s also the result of ongoing research and testing by our product design department.

We also re-cover steering wheels, reline ceilings and foot wells and repair carpets and mats with pure wool or synthetic carpeting.

MODERN CARS any make or model

CLASSIC CARS authenticity preserved

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