The origins of Medici company date back to the early 1970s when Maurizio Medici, after having worked for many companies in the sector, started his own upholstery business


The production of the young company immediately obtains market consensus thanks to its specialised craftsmanship


The original demand, for peculiar productions, comes from the emerging industry of vintage cars, where details of the interior finishing of upholsteries must faithfully respect the original version. At the same time the company focuses on sports and limited edition sectors where the creative aspirations of Maurizio Medici have a more operational space


As a result of the increasingly frequent demands of leather upholstery for standard cars, the company begins to expand itself in this particular sector, until finally deciding to focus every effort of the company exclusively on it, making MEDICI brand to be one of the sector’s protagonist in the first 10 years of the 2000s


Medici Style is created by the Medici brothers, Davide and Simone Medici, with the help of its president, Maurizio Medici in order to concentrate the capabilities and resources of the company on services for affiliates of car manufacturers, importers, car dealers and private individuals and search, year after year, for ways to satisfy their clients by offering logistic services, great professionalism, excellent quality, product safety and long-term warranty


Beginning of the joint venture between Saddles India and Medici Style: this union will enable our clients to have a better access to innovative services at competitive prices. The new corporate structure will make it easier to receive digital know-how and equipments by designing, proposing and constructing upholsteries with innovative designs while continuing to research constantly on the materials for car interiors

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