Medici Style


Medici Style S.r.l. is a reality acknowledged on the market as a leader in terms of quality of the materials used and its historic craftsmanship, coupled with the equipment’s technology, which make it possible to create interiors for special cars, custom-made to the specific demands of the client and today more than ever, it has strengthened its quality and production capacity by announcing its partnership with the Saddles India group (the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of vehicle interiors for car manufacturers). This union will make it possible to offer our clients, subsidiaries of car manufacturers, or importers the best quality at a very competitive price and a product warranty certified ISO TS.

The success of Medici upholstery is supported by fundamental pillars:

  • the artisan skill of turning a high-quality leather into a product with unique features
  • the 40-year experience in this sector which makes it possible for us to offer our clients the best, personalised and guaranteed product
  • thanks to a wide range of carefully selected European leather, we create our products for the automotive industry by offering turnkey service. The choice of the leather or other materials such as eco-leather, alcantara, microfibre, novabuk defines the design, cut, stitching and installation of the upholstery on the seats
  • we pose attention on every detail of all our processing phases to ensure the satisfaction of our clients
  • Medici interiors are synonym of quality, guarantee, security, personalisation and a vast assortment of materials


Our Mission

Our mission: satisfy all our clients by offering the best starting materials available on the market, offer technical advice for choosing the best design based on the car type and interior colours, adhere to all automotive specifications on catalogue materials, guarantee product’s safety by using technologies and equipments that are typical of the industry.

Invest continuously on research focused on the use of new materials and new processing techniques, offer continuously advanced services and materials.

Strong points and why one should choose Medici

There are jobs in which technology today plays an important role, our job can only be helped by it because even today the hands and minds of our staff can make a difference on the product, Medici, having 40 years of experience, employs well-trained and highly specialised collaborators and this long-running know-how puts in place all the possible conditions to create an upholstery with special features that distinguish it from a basic one. With great pride, Medici can tell you that your product is a true handcrafted Made in Italy.

An incessant research of high-quality starting materials, a historic collaboration with the largest leather manufacturers in the world such as Mastrotto Group, Dani Group, Pasubio, Ice, allows us to maintain our high-quality standards and provide our clients over time with continuous product reliability.

Finally the product’s safety, a critical point in our industry given that car interiors are now invaded by safety systems with airbag balloons, we are equipped with up-to-date equipments that meet the technical requirements and respond positively to this particular criterion. We use the appropriate airbag sewing machine and we apply our burst test to verify its effectiveness.

As the saying goes: security first and foremost.

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