Warranty and Security

Our product, starting from the time of installation, is insured with a minimum 2 years warranty that covers the raw material and the installation operations. In order to open a claim on the product, you must send photos of the problem and a small description to info@medicistyle.it. After analysis by our technicians, you will be notified if the warranty has been accepted.


Safety during creation of the kit

In order to sew the part of the leather upholstery covering the airbag safety systems of the seats, panels and dashboard, MEDICISTYLE SRL uses the Documented Stitching System PFAFF which is equipped with a software system that:

  • Controls and documents each single stitch
  • Analyses and controls the tractive force of the thread during stitching phase
  • Stores the parameters of the stitching process, ensuring that data can be traced even after several years
  • Automatically blocks the machine if the parameters set for stitching are not respected. The machine can be unlocked only by entering password
  • Prints the labels containing all the data concerning stitching, in two copies. One is sewn on the piece of upholstery while the other is attached to the client’s order and stored

Our production process, with regards to the stitching phase for airbag safety systems, includes insertion, as the original covering, of the canvas bag characteristic of automotive specifications for a correct balloon orientation when airbags are deployed.

The canvas in question is purchased from German suppliers who serve clients that are original equipments manufacturers because this material has to comply with the endurance and fire-fighting conditions laid down for this specific and delicate production.


Documented stitching of airbag

This phase is one of the most important in the creation of our leather upholstery. Two operators have been trained to control this phase and they are the only ones who can use this equipment and produce this stitching.

The machine stitches by following a software setting and, while doing its job, it ensures that the thread’s length is correct, that the voltage utilised is the pre-set value, and that the length of the stitch respects the setting’s specifications. At the end of all this, the machine issues a traceability label in the form of a barcode, which certifies that the operation was successfully carried out. This is to ensure a 100% deployment of the airbags in case a collision occurs and to safeguard the lives of the end-users.

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